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What are the signs of a dental emergency?

  • Non stop bleeding

  • Severe damage to a tooth

  • Intense, persistent tooth pain

  • Painful swelling that doesn’t get better

  • Loose or knocked out tooth

  • Injured jaw




Don’t panic! Some of the dental emergencies are not as bad as you could think. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible and depending on the situation there are certain precautions you can take before you see your dentist.




  • If your face swells up it could be a sign of an infection and it’s important to schedule an appointment right away. Stay upright and don’t lie flat, even during sleep. Drink fluids.
  • If you knock out a tooth pick it up by the crown, not the root, to prevent damaging  the tissue that helps with re implantation.
  • If you chip a tooth take a picture of it and email it to your dentist to know what kind of procedure you will need. Sensitivity is common and it goes away within a few days.
  • If a tooth hurts avoid chewing with it and make an appointment within the week.



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